Wednesday, August 21, 2002

I've been in training since Monday, and it should continue all through next week. Coming into it, I expected the course to be extemely dry and boring, full of technical jargon about PBX switches, ports, E1 and T1 lines, etc. As it turns out, I'm finding it all rather interesting, perhaps because the technology involved is targetted for remote locations around the world. There are only two other students in the class; another tech writer and some guy entering his last year of engineering at Conned U. He's been here for three months and I don't think he's learned a thing.
Perhaps Marie-Jo can explain this; why is it that, in every class, there's always at least one person who acts completely dumb, asking the same question every 5 minutes, with only slight variations on the theme? When he's not trying to get his synapses to connect, said student is sucking up to the prof, leading the instructor off onto wild tangents. And here I was, thinking I left brown-nosers back in high school.


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