Wednesday, August 14, 2002

Treasure hunt time
To all Montreal folks (or those who happen to read this), I received an e-mail today from Philip Preville, who used to be the news editor of the Mirror, the guy who interviewed Raymond Villeneuve (that was a fun day!), and also the mind behind The Thing, a fine little section that the Whore,..., um, the Hour, has decided to copy, in a much inferior way, as is their fashion, with the Explainer (or whatever they call it).
Anyway, here's the e-mail. I'm sure it'll pique at least someone's interest.

Hello all you Montreal-based folks,
I'm researching a story about elevator interiors (yes, I know, how do I come up with these weird ideas), and I need your help.
During my years in Montreal, every so often I'd ride an elevator that still had its inspection certificate posted in the cabin for all to see. (They don't have to post them any more.) The certificate was always signed by the inspector who personally conducted the review. Over time, I realized that THE SAME GUY HAD INSPECTED EVERY LAST BLOODY ELEVATOR IN MONTREAL!
I want to track this man down, but I can't remember his name.
So if any of you work in an old building, or a building with a service elevator, can you do me a favor? Just go and see if the elevator still has its certificate on the wall and, if so, please send me the guy's name. Oh yeah, and please advise regarding the government department that issued the certificate. (I think it's the provincial government, but I'm not sure which ministry etc.)


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