Thursday, August 08, 2002

What's a boy to do?
I have this weird personality trait: I'm addicted to packsacks. One of my goals in life is to find the perfect bag, one that's not too expensive, fits my body, and can carry my camping gear without making me feel like I'm carrying a horse. Oh, and if it's got a narrow profile, all the better (for backcountry skiing, don't ya know?).
I don't know how many packs I've had in my years, but it goes all the way back to those weird Canadian Tire external frame packs of the '80s. Moved on to internal frames, bags with whistles, bags without. Anyhow, this week, all the major outdoor stores in Mtl are having their summer sales, and I am seriously dehydrated from all the drooling I've been doing. I don't even need a pack right now, but strangely feel obliged to get another pack tonight. In fact, I'm probably going to blow off going to the gym tonight simply to go to Le Yeti. Thank god for 40% off.


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