Wednesday, August 14, 2002

I wished I owned half that dog, 'cause I'd shoot my half
Okay, so I borrowed the line from Puddinhead Wilson. Regardless. Someone's dog was barking incessantly last night, and this not for the first time. I would slowly be drifting off to sleep, when the cur would start up again. Damn, I've got to get up in 6 hours, and I'm being kept awake by some inconsiderate neighbours who can't be bothered to let in their dog.
Funny, though, as time went on, you could hear other neighbours slowly starting to stir, some of them closing their windows, some grumbling and, finally, a few of them starting to voice their extreme displeasure. Strangely enough, the dog shut up. I guess its owners were going to let the dog out all night, had no one reacted.


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