Thursday, August 15, 2002

Um, this isn't right
Somewhat similar to lightspeedchick's recent tribulations, my food is going rotten. Back in July, when I was getting ready to move, Kim and I headed over to, where else, Ameublement Elvis, where I bought what I thought was a working fridge. Plugged it in, and the sound coming out of it reminded me of the little locomotive that could. The sound eventually settled down, but lately, perhaps because of this heat, the whole thing has started to crank out the noise like a Deep Purple concert.
Well, I guess I can put up with a little noise, I think. Unfortunately, at some point last night, I wake up totally drenched with sweat, completely parched. Stumble into the kitchen, and grab a bottle of water from the fridge. Wet, but room temperature. Damn, there's no more cold air in the fridge. My food's going bad. Even the freezer ain't working. Even if the appliance is still under warranty, I'm probably going to have to cough up some money, since I'm not home during the day.


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