Tuesday, August 20, 2002

Hate it when that happens
I believe it's Oscar Wilde who once wrote, "Beware any enterprise that requires new clothes." Then again, it might have been HD Thoreau; I'm not up to date on the words of dead white guys. Anyhow, I quickly realised, when I started my present job, that my days of dressing ultra-casula were over. I'm willing to accept this up to a point, as I might finally start buying new clothes after 7 years of wearing basically the same thing.
So, this morning, I was heading out the door wearing jeans, and then reconsidered the image I was projecting. Mind you, I'm one of the few at work who doesn't wear a tie. (I have a problem with the phallic imagery and all.) Go back inside and change to beige pants and head off to work. Happened to walk past a mirror after a few hours, and realise that I have a huge, black smudge on the seat of my pants. Hmm, I've been waliking around work looking like I crapped my pants. Lovely. Shoulda gone with the jeans.


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