Thursday, August 29, 2002

Amerika uber alles
I'm so angry I could spit. According to the Canadian Press (I got it from the CBC, it seems that the US and Canadian governments are going to sign a treaty that allows the other's army to cross borders, in order to "catch terrorists," whitout needing the host country's permission. Of course, it's said that this will happen only under "extraordinary" circumstances. Um, since Canada doesn't really have a problem with terrorists -- unless, of course, we keep kowtowing to US pressure -- it only seems logical that the American military and government are going to find any excuse possible to impose their own set of warped values on us.
Why the hell are we allowing this? We have even gone so far as to turn over Taliban soldiers to the US military, knowing full well that these soldiers will in turn be shipped off to Camp Xray and stripped of their rights under the Geneva Convention. Meanwhile, we don't even raise a peep when our own soldiers are bombed and killed by American pilots. Since September 11, thousands of muslim and Arab Americans have been jailed, denied due process and visits from relatives. I have this queasy feeling in the pit of my stomach that the same thing may happen here.


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