Tuesday, August 27, 2002

Looking for Mr. Goodbar?
If I'm to believe my ex, we have returned to the dating scene of the '70s. Kim came by the appartment last night for supper and to drop off my mail -- even though I've filled out the forms to have my mail redirected to my new place. Anyhon, Kim was tellng me about this new guy she met in the metro. He asked for her number, but she took his number instead: turns out it was his pager number. Regardless, they get in touch and feel each other out on the phone. Kim doesn't feel comfortable about the guy, and declines his invitation for a date. "Well, okay," says the guy. "Then how about us having sex. I'm sure it'll be great."
Did I miss something in the past few years? Normally, I would simply pass off this conversation as an aberration but, according to Kim, this is the second time this summer that someone has suggested simply knocking boots -- the first guy even went so far as to suggest that she not spend the night -- without bothering even going for coffee or anything.
I wonder if this approach is for me...


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