Thursday, April 21, 2005

How do you say that again?
A conversation with the milliner.
Moi: What's the name of the new show again?
Milliner: Cortéo.
Moi: Gorero?
Milliner: Cortéo.
Moi: Coreto?
Milliner: Cortéo.
Moi: Cortéo? That'll never work.
Milliner: Why not?
Moi: It's too hard to pronounce! You guys should stick to one or two-syllable names, like 'O' or 'Ka.'
Milliner: Or Dralion?
Moi: Exactly. Besides, what does corero, I mean cortéo, mean?
Milliner: It's from the Italian for courtesan.
Moi: The show is named after the world's oldest profession?!?
Milliner: Huh?
Moi: Courtesan: prostitute, mistress.
Milliner: Well, it might actually be for "courtier." It's really commedia dell'arte.
Moi: Okay, then, Italian prostitute clowns. Why not call it the 'tute show? Simple, yet effective.
Milliner: Go to bed.


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