Monday, March 21, 2005

Revelling in some Shagginfreude*
So, the office moved over the weekend, and we now find ourselves even further along the west island. At the Nortel campus. (I had written down the directions to get here but, being me, had packed those directions along with the rest of my stuff, so ended up driving about an hour this morning, looking for the building.) When assigning seating arrangements, being the tech-writer I was naturally given the holiest-hole-that-was-ever-a-hole cubie, the farthest away from any natural light. Oh, but imagine my delight, my droogies when, what with the setting sun, almost everyone else in the office can no longer see their computer screens, what with the white spots bouncing off the walls of their corneas.
Hee hee.
*Taking pleasure in others getting screwed.


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