Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Doing my part to save the planet
The bathrooms here have urinals of the "automatic flush" kind. Which? If you're obsessive-compulsive you'll only wash your hands 49 times instead of 50 after taking a tinkle, since you wouldn't have touched that icky flush handle. The thing is, while at work I suck back a few litres of water, and it passes through me like, well, water, so I'm getting up close and personal with aforementioned urinals several times a day.
Now, the urinal is a 3.8-liter (1 gallon) flush, which means that I'm using up about 4 gallons daily on what amounts to almost pure water. Being of the "if it's yellow, let it mellow" school, I'm always walking away feeling guilty, but figured there wasn't much I can, since the damned thing will flush.
But, ah, I discovered that I can sneak up on the thing, stand off to the side, and let loose, and not have that infernal thing sense my presence. Hee, saving water and getting to re-enact my childhood spy games. Good times.


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