Thursday, March 31, 2005

Lies my brothers told me
Was watching that credit card commercial, the one where they're talking about beachwear, and the ad finishes with the family making snow/sand angels. So, I remembered back to my kidhood (long-term memory: yay. short-term: not so much), and recalled that that was something that my brothers taught me to do.
The joys of being the youngest, offsetting the fact that I was a free punching bag for my bros. So, I asked the milliner how she learned of such things, being that she's the eldest. Most likely from friends, she said.
I never really thought of that, that being the oldest or a single child, your learning curve is a bit behind others, because you have to wait that extra time to learn the tricks of childhood. I mean, I must have been 4 or 5, I was running around with my brother, when he mentioned "hey, don't forget your shadow." So, imagine the awe that a tot can experience when he learns that he has an imaginary friend who follows him around on sunny days.
Group hug!


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