Thursday, October 20, 2005

Giving new meaning to the term "ass-clown"

I'm still trying to get over the news about the McGill Redman football team cancelling the rest of the season, when news emerged that veterans anally raped a rookie with a broomstick and had other rookies perform other man-on-man sex acts.
They. Shoved. A. Broomstick. Up. A. Kid's. Anus. Let that sink in softly. Not like forcibly shoved in like a broomstick.
I love this excuse: Players argue the incident was misunderstood, but important tradition. It's a tradition Shoving broomsticks up kids' asses is a tradition. In other words, they gave the same excuse as horny young men everywhere: they only stuck it in halfway.
A letter of apology was written, but never sent. Because, I guess, it's the meaning that counts. Did you get that? The kid left the team, left the school, and nothing was done. Until the kid's father got involved. So, a few questions spring to mind:
  • If this is a tradition, do they use an "official" McGill Redman ass-raping broomstick? Does it bear the team's official colours? And, if so, is the red from paint (non-toxic, let's hope) or from the blood of previous years' rookies?
  • When you look at the veterans, doesn't the thought go through your mind that they've all done the old broomstick sit-and-spin?
  • Okay, so one guy has been suspended. They raped a kid. Why haven't there been any charges?
  • Lastly, do you think McGill would have shut down the program if the football team was having a winning season, instead of having a 1-5 record?
The mind reels.


At 8:20 AM, Blogger Marc Thibodeau said...

Michel, your blog evokes reflection. When I heard of this event I obviously felt terrrible for the victim, and truly hoped that this story would not follow him to his new school.

At 1:02 PM, Anonymous five blue said...

yeah, tradition. uhm, what?!?
makes me wonder what tradition dictates they do to cheerleaders. wonder, but not investigate. i need to sleep at nigth.


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