Friday, October 14, 2005

Oh, CSI music director, I am such your bitch

I've started watching CSI again this year, mostly because there's less (and I mean both character- and cleavage-wise) Hergenbergen and her wrinkles-of-doom on my screen, but also because they seem to have gone back to their original quirkiness and, joy, the music is great.
So, I'm watching last night, it's an okay episode. But there was one scene, with Yorick pasting together scraps of letters, there's this little ditty playing in the background. Oh my fuck, I recognise that! Wait, it's coming to me. Ah, yes, Cocteau Twins. From "Victorialand," I'm pretty sure.
I'm sitting there, smug as a bug in shit, proud of my alternative-music knowledge, remembering back to my university days getting stoned and playing 4AD music in the background, when the thought hits me: Wait, that was 20 years ago. Fuck, the music's old, and so am I.
But, heck, I like to think we've both aged gracefully.


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