Wednesday, June 08, 2005

But, but what about the death pose?
I used to practise yoga up until a few years ago, sivinanda to be exact. I liked it; strike a pose, stretch, relax. Helped with my concentration, breathing, getting centred, blah blah new-agey cakes. I also found that it helped with my climbing. Gave it up and, along with an increasingly self-indulgent lifestyle, the climbing it is not good.
So, I looked around, and signed up for an ashtanga class, figuring that, since it seemed to focus more on core strength and cardio, I would get more out of it. A couple of problems: the class is open, therefore folks have been doing it for a while. I feel like a freshman in a graduate course. Also? When partaking of something new and active for the first time, never do so when it's 30 degrees in the room.
Damn, was that ever embarrassing. I swear, the sweat was running down my nose in a stream. Everyone else, mostly fit women decked out in the latest Prana and Lulu Lemon clothes, were hardly glistening. I had to wring out my tee after the session. All the while, I'm hoping for the suggestion that we all lie back and "centre" ourselves. It never happened. At one point, I was lying face down on the mat, slurping the sweat that had pooled there. Salty.
Two days later, and I'm walking around like an old man. Well, an older man. Shut up!


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