Tuesday, May 03, 2005

The night before I headed out to Vegas to meet up with the milliner, I henna'ed my hair copper (to, ahem, hide the encroaching gray. shut up!). I figured, what the heck. So, I get to that little Nevada hellmouth, she picks me up at the airport and we head over to the car rental place. We're being completely ignored, so I go inside to give the person behind the counter what for.
Come back outside, and there's some good ol' boy chatting her up. No problem, she can handle herself. He's sees me coming, looks at her with the red hair, looks at me with the red hair, and asks, "are you two brother and sister or boyfriend/girlfriend?" We only thought of it afterward to say 'both.' This resemblance was remarked upon again this weekend.
Whatever, happy b-day, milliner. I can't believe that, as a redheaded taurus, she still hasn't beaten me up yet.


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