Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Gotta work on our spontaneity
Since the weekend climbing trip was cancelled due to rain, the milliner and I were wondering what to do with ourselves. "Let's go to Boston," I suggested. So Saturday morning, she goes on the net to hunt down hotel rooms and points of interest for Boston. There were none. No hotel rooms and, really, nothing that really says, "hey, come to Boston, it's fascinating." (Okay, Boston Rob is from there, but what were the chances of seeing him?) Screw it, I says, let's just go and see what happens.
Which we do. Drive to Boston. Get there, find ourselves in the theatre district. We eat in a bar 'n grill where the food reminded me of the fare you get at the Peel Pub (i.e. don't worry if you can't finish what's on your plate, they'll simply give it to the next customer), and start looking for hotel rooms. There is absolutely no room at the inns, what with it being graduation weekend. Oops. What rooms there were started at around $300US/night. Yikes. We finally got a place outside the city, drive there and crash.
The next morning, drive back into the city and realise, well gosh, that's about it, isn't it? We shell out the cash to take a trolley tour (I admit it, it was fun), we find out a bit more about the city, and tell ourselves that we now know where we want to visit more in depth.
AT the end of the tour, we have a snack at a bistro, relax, and start walking back to the car, visiting a bit more on our own. As we're walking, it dawns on us that we really don't care to be here anymore, so we simply get back in the car and head home.
All was not lost, since I made some really good olive bread yesterday, and the milliner made some fine falafel with goat cheese. Yummers.


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