Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Why must I be challenged so?
Sigh. I'm trying to keep it together. But, it's hard, ya know? Woke up this morning, still sad that white-trash-but-somehow-endearing, semi-literate wrestling couple Lori and Bolo were eliminated from last night's The Amazing Race--what can I say? The show for me is like a relationship gone south: you feel dirty watching it, but there's occasional titillation to be had--only to learn that Paige Davis has been fired as the host of Trading Spaces. What the fuckety fuck is that?
It seems that "TLC is taking Trading Spaces in a new creative direction, transitioning to a "host-less" format this spring." Wonderful, just wonderful. No longer will I be tuning in to see the hostess with the mostest, what with her low-slung jeans and midriff-baring tees prancing and dancing around. Oh no. Instead, the show will probably continue with its effeminate mid-west and southern "designers" painting rooms black-with-a-black trim or, even worse, Hilda with her feathers-glued-to-the-wall masterpieces. Rumours abound, of course, from Paige being too fat (wha?) to her, um, striptease and sex tapes.
Luckily, the milliner picked up the season 7 box set of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, so we're good for a while. Mmmmmm, Willow.


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