Monday, January 10, 2005

Feel the burn
I keep forgetting that just because I do one type of exercise, it doesn't exactly train me for another. So, even though I might spend a couple of hours a week on a stationary bicycle, in no way can I go jogging or, as I discovered Saturday, skiing. Regardless, headed to Owl's Head on Saturday and strapped on my tele's for the first time in almost two years. Start linking some turns, feeling a bit of tightness in the thighs. Do a few more descents, struggle through icy patches--man, do I ever hate (HATE!) snowboarders--and by now I'm nearly screaming. Head in for lunch after a while, do a couple more descents and nearly call it a day. Instead, accept my fate and head off to the bunny hill (sigh), and end the day like that.
Go home, make boeuf bourguignon but fall asleep before it's done. Go x-country yesterday with the milliner, we decide to get on a 10km loop. Everything's going fairly well, thinking we have it in the bag. Until we come across a route marker that tells us that we've only done half the route. Yikes. Settle on a quicker way back to the car.
The solution would be to start doing lunges, but my legs hurt too much right now.


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