Tuesday, December 21, 2004

In other words, I'm still working, right?
Leading up to last Friday, here I was, doing my job, unclear on whether I was supposed to return on Monday (yesterday). The contract extension was up on Friday, no one had told me whatfor and, being the milquetoast that I am, I didn't ask. Because? I've found that ignoring a dilemma often makes it go away. Try it, it works.
So, I begged off participating in the gift exchange, but did put my name down for making cinnamon buns for the office potluck. Heck, if I wasn't going to be here, no harm no foul. I was being given work to do, told what I had to do in the coming weeks, but figured that the people giving me work didn't know about my contract ending.
Friday comes and goes, I go home and figure, "heck, if they let me know on Monday that I'm not supposed to be there, I'll simply pack my stuff." Come to work yesterday, walk into the manager's office, and ask, "am I supposed to be here?" "Why not?" he asked. "Um, contract? Over on Friday? Remember?" "What? Weren't you told? We extended your contract again."
I've often wondered whether I should be more assertive when it comes to my career.


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