Friday, November 12, 2004

Okay, this may be bordering on obsession
So, I'm at the gym last night, and notice a bunch of folks grouped around a section of the bouldering wall. Strong folks, used to climb with them with I was stronger and they were waaayy weaker. Whatever, go off and do my thing. However, it dawns on me that "CS" is there. (Think what Michael Jordan is to basketball, or Wayne Gretsky is to hockey.) He's in town, visiting his gf.
At a certain point, I go over and talk to him, firmly establishing my role as wannabe star fucker. We get to talking, he mentions that he finds it a bit chilly up in our neck of the woods. So, what do I do? That's right, I try to convince him to take up back-country skiing and winter camping. Because, heck, why bother being a minor superstar when you could instead be practising a sport that will leave you hurting, cold, and miserable?
For some reason, I don't think I succeeded in convincing him.


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