Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Medical Problem
A fellow goes to the doctor, for what he describes as a "personal" problem. The doctor asks him what the problem is.
Patient: Well, you see, doc, I wake up in the morning, my wife is just getting up and, feeling horny, we do the act. Then, I go downstairs to make my coffee. Normally, the maid is already there. So I do her also."
Doctor: mmkay.
Patient: Then, when I get to the office, my assistant usually comes in with the day's updates, so we go at it on the desk. Heading home, if I pick up my dry cleaning, the clerk and I usually end up humping in the back. Finally, my wife requires even more satisfaction before we go to sleep."
Doctor: So, what's the problem?
Patient: Well, doc, it hurts when I masturbate.


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