Wednesday, September 22, 2004

A long, cold winter ahead
Reading the kitty's tale of stacking wood reminded me of the winter I spent living in the woods. It was during the fall, I'm splitting logs, and after a day of sweat and sore arms I've got about two cords ready. Now, there happened to be an older fella living a few miles up the road from me, who had a great view of all the mountains and valleys around. I figured he would know a thing or two about predicting the oncoming weather, so I trudged up to see him. Knock on his door and ask, "So, what's the winter gonna be like?" He looked around the valley, and said, "Hmm, could be kinda cold."
So, I hike back home, and the next day chop and stack another two cords. Thinking it would be enough, but not too sure, I repeat the hike back to the old coot's place, and ask the same question. "Yup, it's gonna be a cold one, fer sure, fer sure." I head back home and, just to be safe, prepare another three cords. Head back to the wise man--trust me, I've been hiking a lot by now--to get his advice.
"Oh, it's gonna be brittle cold," he avers. By now, I'm frustrated and tired. "How exactly do you know?" I inquire.
"Well," he says and he points to my cabin far down the mountain, "look at all the wood that feller is stacking." Hee.

On another note: Yeah, I admit it, I did my dance of delight to see my two favourite teams come in first and second. I hate the Christians, coat-tailing on Kim and Chip and then complaining that K&C tried to lose them. God was taking a bath, you freaks, and couldn't be bothered to answer your prayers. Now go back to modeling for Sears. Oh, and Colin proposed to Christie this morning on the Early Show. I can do without that trend.


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