Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Can't argue with that logic
Though I've worked in telecommunications most of my tech-writing career, and at one time for a company that developed hand-held programs, I've never really felt the obligation or need for a cell phone. Oh, I've owned them, have used 'em and, after a couple months, put 'em away and let the contract run out (yeah, just like my wimmen). Heck, got duped into accepting a Bell mobility plan a few months back, realised that the plan was structured so that I was paying a lot of money for what amounted to a walkie-talkie, and returned it as soon as possible.
So, Sat'day, doing the walking-along-Mont-Royal thing with the milliner, we head into a store to upgrade her old phone, which was held together with packing tape. Later, I'm telling her how great it was not to own one and how I really didn't feel the need for one.
"Oh, you mean it wouldn't have come in handy for Emergency A, Situation X, Misfortune F?" Um. Um. Okay, got a phone the next day. Did you know that they come web ready these days?


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