Monday, May 03, 2004

The karma gods better remember me when comes time
Saturday, at the Atwater market, I was picking up supplies for the milliner's birthday supper (rabbit in mustard sauce, spring asparagus with hollandaise, pommes de terres lyonnaise). Headed over to Première Moisson to get a cake, grab a number and wait in line. There's a guy next to me, looking confused as to what to choose so, being the idiot that I am, I point out the Piquant trufflé, a chocolate truffle mousse cake that I had originally had at a dinner party at Mellow Kitty's. The fellow thanks me and, having the ticket before me, goes along with my suggestion.
Unfortunately, I hadn't realised that the cake in the display was the last one, so I was outta luck. Yeah, last time I share my thoughts. However, there were single serving portions and, paying it forward, grabbed four of them before the customers after me took them.
BTW, the rabbit was amazing.


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