Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Missed the exit
Ah fuck I woke up this morning more like fell out of bed this morning the stale taste of malt and tobacco still on my tongue. the cats raising hell again doesnt she know that ill feed her like i always do like ive always done for these past 14 years that ive been cleaning her shit that ive been taking care of her? the little bastard next door screaming like it always does cant it JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP! lady can you give him your tit once in a while just to make him SHUT THE FUCK UP?
the old lady is giving me shit to find a job because fuck she needs her supply of choco bonbons not like she could give a damn about getting a job herself. all i really need is a hit just one hit to get thru this day to shut out the noise to feel normal to feel human again to ignore the news that
Hubert Selby Jr. passed away Monday.


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