Monday, February 16, 2004

Today I am a metrosexual
As predicted by a certain geeky Bill, scored major boyfriend points over the weekend. Headed to Ste-Adèle on Sat’day morning with the milliner, arriving at a secluded post-and-beam B&B in the woods. The owners have two huge dogs, a Saint-Bernard and a Malamute. I was happy. Cute room, done in sailing motif, with a dormer window overlooking a river, frozen.
We dump our stuff, don the fleece, and head over to "Le petit train du nord" for a couple hours of cross-country skiing. There was a side-trail that wandered off into the woods, which we took. Didn’t go as fast, but much more scenic. Head back to B&B, take a nap, wake up and head down for cocktails. Then hit some fancy-shmancy resto for a souper gourmand. Totally forgot that, on certain occasions, restaurants have "menus fixes." Regardless, the food was good, my cholesterol went through the roof, and me with a biopsy on Wednesday.
Yesterday, after a surprisingly excellent breakfast, we packed up and headed to Ofuro, for a day of thermotherapy and massage. Basically, spend some time in a sauna and then jump into a cold bath. Relax. Go to the hot tub. Jump out and into the river. Repeat. Um, no. I figured, with the sweat pouring down me, just standing outside in -20C weather was good enough. Funny, there are all these warnings about folks with heart disease should abstain. The way I figure, I don’t have heart disease anymore since they cut mine out. Heh. Then, on to a deep-tissue massage. I saw god in all her pagan glory. Finished off with, get this, a facial. Goodbye dead skin cells.
The worst part was driving back to town.


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