Wednesday, February 04, 2004

No criticism please, we're the CBC
So, it turns out that there's starting to be a groundswell of criticism following Don Cherry's (Canada's version of Rush Limbaugh) rant on the Jan. 24 edition of Coach's Corner, where he took another potshot at Europeans and "French guys," suggesting these two are gutless wonders as apparently they're the ones who predominantly wear visors. I remember watching it and chuckling, thinking, "well, I guess Don has had just one more drink too many. Again." However, it's no longer just folks in Quebec who are bothered, but organisations in western Canada as well.
Now, as it turns out, the CBC has deleted all e-mails critical of Don Cherry or Ron MacLean (who was quoted as saying that French immersion doesn't work, "because [their] heads are never held under long enough"), posting the following.
Yup, your tax dollars at work.


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