Monday, December 29, 2003

They might have gotten it right this time
Going through airports, I've often had to explain what all the shiny metal things in my baggage was for.
Moi: "Have you seen Vertical Limit? Well, remember when that family is hanging on the rope? At the beginning of the movie? They're hanging on these things."
Airport peon: "What, you do that stuff? You're crazy."
Yeah, it's great when the only reference they have is for god-awful, over-the-top movies like Cliffhanger. But, to tell the truth, I sure am looking for to Touching the Void, Joe Simpsons tale of being stuck high up some mountain, both legs shattered from a fall, his partner gone for help. Yeah, I think I'll stick to rock myself. Anyhow, the trailer is here.


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