Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Pure as milk?
So, it seems that the major milk distributors in Quebec have decided to not collect milk from dairy farmers for the next while, what with this being the holidays and all. Now, since cows will continue to produce milk, this means that the dairy farmers have no choice but to toss the milk, to the tune of 4 500 000 liters, away. Since they're taking the loss anyway, the farmers have offered to give the milk away, as long as the distributors pick up the produce.
Imagine what 4.5 million liters of milk could do for food banks at this time of year. But, no, the distributors can't be bothered. Fuck 'em. Fuck Agropur, fuck Parmalat and fuck Saputo, your godawful cheese and your shady, good-fella business deals.
I'm going back to goat's milk.


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