Monday, December 22, 2003

Another way to look at all this snow
I've been watching all this snow come down in the past few weeks, I've read all the hair-pulling about how all this snow is an inconvenience to them and their ability to park their cars, and I can't help to look at all this snowy weather as a life saver. Here's how:
-Some folks will drive in this weather,
-Some folks will get into accidents in this weather,
-Some folks will die in these accidents,
-Some of these folks, having reached a higher state of consciousness, will have signed their donor cards,
-The victims' families will allow doctors to harvest the organs,
-Which will then be transplanted to someone (up to 11 someones, actually, per donor) who desperately need the organs.
-One family mourns at Christmas, eleven either rejoice or have greater hope.
Oh, and it makes for great skiing.


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