Thursday, October 09, 2003

Video evidence
One of the fun things about being a bf of the circus (5 points and the possible lead to anyone who gets the reference), is that the milliner travels around a lot and usually brings me back stuff. I love stuff. Almost as much as Blork loves his T-shirts. I also get to try out some of the products that are to be sold in the Cirque's boutiques, including the recent stuff for Zumanity.
So, the milliner finally got back from Lost Wages yesterday, where she had been for a while because of the launch of that Zu thing, but she was still in a bit of shock, since she taken the time out to go see Ziegfried & Roy's unfortunate last show. Poor thing, she was video-taping the show also. Results can be seen here. Not to worry, it's not graphic.


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