Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Oh, the irony
So, the Combined Jewish Appeal is having its CJA Campaign 2003. However, having been indoctrinated in the Catholic faith, I was raised to believe that Jews ritually sacrifice babies and drink their blood. Oh, and that they killed Jesus. So, instead, I'm more likely to donate to Dans la rue.
Regardless, what's rather funny about the CJA's campaign is the slogan For Our Children. On the surface, it's just another platitude. Then again, take a walk through some of the poorer neighbourhoods in Montreal (and some not-so-poor), and you'll see the same slogan in French (Oui, pour nos enfants) graffitied on walls, remnants of 1995's Quebec referendum, when then-premier Jacques Parizeau, liquered-up beyond belief, tried to lay blame passively aggressively on the Jews for the PQ's failure to win sovereignty.


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