Monday, November 04, 2002

Finally got around to brewing a batch of coriander/orange Belgian ale yesterday, similar to a Hoegarden. I had already propagated a batch of yeast several days previously, leaving the slurry in the fridge in order to prevent the yeast from eating up all its nutrients. The problem is, when you mash beer, the liquid at the end is usually around 150ºF, and you can’t pitch the yeast until the liquid is at about 75ºF. So, being lazy, I simply put the bucket of beer outside, intending to bring it in before I headed off to bed.
Unfortunately, I fell asleep and only brought the beer in this morning, and the liquid’s temperature was at around 30º. Threw the yeast in regardless, and hopefully I’ll have 5 gallons of tasty brew in time for Xmas.


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