Friday, October 18, 2002

Montreal Morning Scene
Walking to the metro this morning, I see the woman who hands out the free daily paper start running after two dogs, a beautiful Golden Retriever and a mid-size darker dog. Couldn’t understand what was happening, but the woman was nevertheless maintaining her regular cheerful contenance, so I thought she was simply playing with them. As I got closer, I realise that the golden is unleashed, adding more belief that the woman owns the dog. Closer still, and it becomes apparent that the darker dog is a Bernese mountain dog—besides making a great sauce, that region is definitely a progenitor of beautiful canines—in fact a seeing eye dog, and that is being jumped on and having its butt sniffed by the golden, all the while trying to guide its, um, mistress(?). Never saw that before.
I wonder if palace guards in London feel the same way when tourists try to make them smile.


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