Monday, November 04, 2002

How not to run a sale
Received an email ad last week that stated that a local outdoor store was having a Halloween sale. The catch was that, in keeping with the Halloween spirit (no pun intended), only orange and black items were on sale, and 30% off at that. Having misread the ad, I thought the sale was on items with orange and black tags. Wrong; in fact, only items that were either orange or black were on sale. This I found out only after S. and I arrived there; we decided to head down since S. is going off on a six-month climbing road trip to Mexico and the western states, and she needs to get geared up.
So, we’re at the store, thinking that it isn’t that great a deal after all, when we realise that, hey, sports equipment sure does tend to have a lot of black in it. S. ended up spending about $300 on a sleeping bag, some camming units and a climbing top, all the while saving about $200. As we were leaving, I spotted a headlamp that I’ve been meaning to buy for awhile, which was, you guessed it, orange and black. The funniest part of the trip was that the salespeople really weren’t given any directions from the owner, and so couldn’t really refuse our pleas for a rebate whenever we pointed out that something had one of the essential orange or black colours in it.
So, if anyone needs gloves or mittens or anything warm for the coming winter, just remember that this is the final day of the sale.


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