Wednesday, September 11, 2002

Brushes with coolness
Way back when, at the social club at the university of New Brunswick, I was standing at the bar, naturally drinking the first of what would be many beers that evening. Knowing that I had many hours of imbibing ahead of me, I decided to drink from a glass, something I never did at the time. Looking across the bar, made eye contact with an attractive woman. Trying to act cool, brought the glass to my lips, all the while maintaining a come-hither gaze with said hottie. Unfortunately, I tipped the glass too quickly, splashing the crotchal region of my pants, leaving a huge wet spot. Needless to say, there was no love connection that evening.
This seems to be a recurring theme in my existence. Last night, I was coming up the escalator at Laurier. Looking good (in my mind), feeling good, I was suavely climbing the stairs. Then, of course, the front of my shoe catches one the risers, and I fall flat on my face. Get up, keep blushing face down, and scurry off home. Nice to see that all that modern dance training has paid off.


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