Thursday, February 14, 2002

It's nice to be loved
My better half (better looking, better personality, etc.) had to leave early this morning to go to her weekly acupuncture. Before she left, she came back to bed, making sure I got up. Only had time to kiss her good-bye when, turning to the dining room, I saw a gift bag on the table. Oh goody. Look inside and, what do I find, but bubble bath (yummers), a sage smudge -- we've been having more visits lately from our ghosts -- and, joy of joys, dark red silk boxers from Simons. Wow, never had silk boxers before. I'm getting all tingly just thinking about it.
I guess this is for me giving her some moonstone earrings the other day. Heading off to eat at Aqua Terra tonight. It's sure to put a dent in my bank account.
So, what are the lonely hearts doing tonight? (hee hee)
On another note, much to my suprise and glee, I found myself a Spiderman Pez dispenser on the weekend. Collect them all. C'mon, I double dirty-dog dare ya.


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