Thursday, July 21, 2005

Riding the nocturnal horse

Since my little medical adventure of nearly a decade ago, I'm often frequented with nightmares. I actually look forward to them; demons, devils, vampires, visions of falling off cliffs, my mother (I'm kidding!) are all frequent guests, and they're almost always welcome. I don't know how often I've battled them, but I always remember beating and laughing at them.
However, I haven't been so lucky lately, and will wake up in cold sweats. Getting old? Weaker? Don't know.
Last night, I woke up to find myself sleeping scrunched up at the foot of the bed. Whatever, crawl back to my pillow and go back to sleep. But then, the milliner asked me if I had had bad dreams last night. None that I remember, but she tells me I was calling out "help me, help me."
Darn, I'm not even a hero in my dreams anymore. Why yes, I would love some milk with my toast.


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