Thursday, November 20, 2003

Another day, another jumper
Now in the fourth day of the maintenance slowdown at the transit and, for the second time in two days, another person has decided to take the everlasting plunge in front of a subway car. Well, perhaps. There was definitely a jumper on Tuesday; I don't know about this morning. The metros are overcrowded, tempers are raw, the air is thin, the "victim" could easily have collapsed.
I feel like a frosted wheatie on this issue; one the one side the socialist in me believes that you have a right to ensure your future and your pension, on the other side, WTF? I'm sure these folks are making oodles for whatever abilities they have, the transit corporation has no money and, to top it off, they're out of the line of fire. The folks who are suffering the ire of paying passengers are the drivers and ticket-takers whose pressure tactics were simply to wear T-shirts.
Oh, and to the prospective jumpers? Could you wait until after the strike is over? Barring that, there are so really nice, really high bridges connecting the island to the mainland. I hear the Jacques-Cartier bridge is a personal favourite.


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