Friday, November 14, 2003

Can I get a bit of MSG here?
So, being the hardworking, slaves to labour that we are, the milliner circus chick and I decided to order in some Chinese last night. Okay, we're both basically lazy, and didn't feel like cooking. Just a bit of fast food while watching Survivor and CSI would do nicely. Oh, and why the fuck did CTV pre-empt CBS? That's not right. We missed 30 minutes of Las Vegas murder to watch Chr├ętien's retirement party?
Anyhow, we decided to take a break from our gourmand lifestyles (bwahaha) and called for some good old Chinese. Now's here's the problem with living in a hap-hip-hap-happening town: it's damned near impossible to find North American Chinese food. You know the kind; heavily battered chicken-meal balls, dried-out soy-sauced fried rice, overly sweet spare ribs, the kind of ribs that leave you wondering exactly what kind of road-kill animal gave up its life to feed us. Now, if I want the latest in chichi sushi, terrific thai, royal rolls, well, I've got choices coming out of the wazoo. Occasionally, I just want simple pseudo-Chinese, particularly if it's delivered in round carton containers by someone fresh off the boat who's ecstatic about the shiny quarter that I deem to give him.
Honest, I'm looking for suggestions here.


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