Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Stop me if you've heard this before
Because, most likely, you have, but I want to whinge: can anyone do anything about Montreal radio? Fuck, it's awful, and it just got worse now that Go and Groove Shinny are on hiatus (one of them has been cancelled, can't remember which). Yeah, we could go to hell and back disparaging CHOM, but it's been done. Nothing else is better.
We're sitting around Sunday, doing the Sunday morning thing of, well, doing nothing, reading, drinking coffee, the tv is off because, besides the surreal gourmet, Sunday morning television will turn your brain to mush, what with no reality shows on or anything. Turn on the radio, the same old shit we've heard ad nauseum. Regardless of the station. Oh, sure, I could pop in a CD, but sometimes you just want radio. I want, dare I say it?, intelligent alternative radio. Something like Radio Paradise (I mean, where could you hear the theme from the Peanuts followed by Blondie?). Honest, there has to be a market out there, folks in their mid-20s to, ahem, 40-somethings, disposable income—we did our alterno-lifestyle way back when and have survived, though some of us with more mental and physical scars than others, but I digress, (Oh look! A penny!)—who would support this format and the advertisers.
As it is, I have to boot up the computer now just to get radio that I can stomach. Anyone want to buy a stereo? Because I ain't using it anymore.


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